Helping Startups Solve Massive Challenges

Tea Club Toronto helps founders solve startup's most pressing challenges. We are a community of repeat entrepreneurs, venture-backed CEOs, product & tech leaders, ready to help.

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How our community can support you


Sales & Marketing

Get startegic advice on how to acquire more customers.


Growth & Scale

Ask our experts how to grow from 500 to 5000 clients.


Product & Tech

Brainstorm your MVP, articulate product roadmap, and choose the right tech stack.



Get feedback on pitch deck and pitch strategy from those who raised before.

Meet Tea Club

A community of founders helping other founders.


Apply To Tea Club

Work with us to identify your startup's most pressing challenges, and how our community of experts can help.


Pitch Your Challenges

Whether that's a single problem, or a series of systemic issues, present your case to the community of startup experts


Get Expert Advice

Our community of serial entrepreneurs, venture-backed CEOs, product & tech leaders will provide tailored advice on how to tackle your challenges.


Individual Session
  • Articulate your challenges
  • Get tailored panel of experts
  • Participate in a single advice session
Ongoing Support
  • Articulate a series of challenges
  • Get 3 advice sessions with experts
  • Ongoing community support via Slack
  • Access to introductions and resources

Case Studies

Check out how our community helped these founders navigate the pandemic.

Team member 01
Adam Gellert
Founder & CEO, HiredHippo

Learn how we worked with a leading recruitment platform to accelrate their growth during the pandemic.

Team member 02
Majdi Alnabih
Founder & CEO, ZipLunch

Learn about a FoodTech startup, that trippled its revenue since attending a Tea Club session.

Team member 03
Fred Melanson
Co-Founder & CEO, Bliinx

Hear how Tea Club's suggestions helped team at Bliinx rething their product roadmap.